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Intro to Solo Freefall Skydive

IAD Class

You want to do this by yourself or take the first steps to becoming an experienced skydiver; this is the jump for you:


The Introduction to Solo Freefall Skydiving:  You leap from the aircraft with 2 instructors who will assist you during freefall by maintaining grips on your harness container from the moment you leave the aircraft until the parachute opens, assisting you as necessary to fall stable, perform practice handle pulls, monitor altitude, ect. experiencing about 40 seconds of freefall.  You then deploying your own parachute at about 5,000 ft and enjoy the amazing feeling of slowly floating down to the ground, controlling your own canopy before landing (the student also has radio communication with their instructor while under canopy).


The training involved consists of a ground school that covers all of the various safety lessons; this usually takes about 6 hours. Then you are ready to put on your equipment and enjoy the ride up to altitude (10,000ft) before jumping from the aircraft and experiencing the ultimate adrenalin rush.


The 2017 class schedule is:

- July 2

- July 8 ;

- August 12 

- August 19 

- September 9

 Sorry, but all classes are now full.  You can contact the office to provide your name to be put on a waiting list.  Thanks


Limited spaces are available.  Book your spot now by clicking here!



You Don’t Want to Stop There:

Following your Introduction to Solo Freefall Jump, you can then continue in the Progressive Free-fall program (PFF) in order to obtain your skydiving license and skydive on your own or other qualified skydivers.





We'll have you smiling and laughing all the way... Bring some friends, you'll all have a great time!!!


For your personal safety and due to manufacturer's equipment limitations, student jumpers should weigh no more than 220 pounds and be in reasonable physical health. You must also be at least 19 years of age.


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